Thursday, April 30, 2009

Old Pics & Memories

I was looking through a few of the pictures on the computer at my home in Montana and these (below) made me smile. It's funny/crazy how fast we grow up, huh?

My talented cousin, Sherelle, took these pictures (the one above and the two below) when she was visiting us one morning. She's amazing! You should check out her blog here: My Crazy Life

Model pose=one hand in the pocket. Ow ow! :)

This is a signature pose for the Sheahan family. Love it! I don't know if I can get my Mom and Dad to do this pose, though. I'll have to try.

It would take a lot of bribing to get my brothers to do this pose now. Glad I got it while I could!

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  1. Haha! These are great. I remember when you did your hair like that for halloween! Thanks for sharing them :)