Saturday, March 26, 2011

He wants it all...

I was in a Zumba class the other week (I LOVE Zumba). The teacher turned on this song, "He Wants It All," as we were stretching. I immediately went home and bought it off of iTunes...and pretty much had it on repeat in my car for the next week.

I love it because I need that reminder to give my ALL at work, home, church, with friends or strangers. God does need hearts who are desperate to be close to Him, but so often our hearts are divided or distracted.

I think it's something we must choose to do every day - to wake up and say, "Heavenly Father, I'm going to give You my heart today, I'm going to serve You with my whole heart."

Our all is not going to be perfect - that's why we need our Savior. So we must rely on Him as we seek to give our all. To me, "all" means all the strength, sincerity, and energy you can give right now, and then our all is supplemented by His grace.

My all always falls short. But that's ok. I'll keep trying to give my Heavenly Father my all, and He mercifully fills in the cracks.

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