Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mystery Man in San Fran

Not only is this song amazing (see the youtube video at the bottom of this post), but this song happened to me a year ago so I can totally relate. It was in San Francisco...I saw this guy at least seven times in one day! So now that I've started, I have to tell you the story...

First of all, I tend to have these "Handshake" experiences too much (listen to the song on the music player to the right to understand what that is). Basically, crushing from a distance. I don't do it on purpose! It just happens, I swear!

Starting the story now. First, I saw him at Alcatraz, and he was taking a picture of something. I was a little bit in the way of his picture, so I moved to the side trying to be courteous. Anyway, it just was crazy from there. Every time I saw him after that, I was like, this is crrrazy! We kept making eye contact...and I could swear there was something there. You know how sometimes you can just sense that you have a connection with someone? It's not always right, but sometimes it is. But then I started being practical with myself, telling myself I was imagining things and it was just ironic and I should forget it cuz I wouldn't ever see him again.

So the last time I saw him was on a cable car. We were on the SAME cable car. No stinkin way. There wasn't a ton of room, so I was on one side, and my mom and sister were on the other side. A friend of this mystery man (I recognized him cuz he was always with him when I saw him 7 times) came over and tried to stand by me, but I guess it wasn't a safe spot, so he had to move. When he moved, he was next to my sister. She could tell he was French (it was obvious from the way he was dressed), so she started talking to him. They talked until he got off the cable car with his friends. But in the middle of their conversation, he asked my sister and mom if it was just them two on vacation. Whitney said, "No, my sister, Nicole, is with us too - she's over there." She pointed me out and I waved and said "Bonjour!" But I wasn't in a convenient spot to join or hear their conversation. So this friend of mystery man goes on to tell my sister that his friend was halfway in love with me! Whitney had no idea that I was crushing on that guy all day - I normally would have told her. She's my best friend, I tell her everything. But I was assuming that I was being a silly girl and so I kept it to myself. Well, they got off the cable car before we did, and I didn't find all this out until we got off later and it was too late.

Dah! You can imagine how frustrated I was. That hardly ever happens! Only in movies! So this is my version of the song...instead of "Brown Eyes" it would be called "French Man" and go a little something like this:

I know he was French man (ooh lah lah)
I know he had a nice camera
I know he was on a business trip with three friends...

And that's all I know about him. What's a girl supposed to do? lol Well, this girl is writing a song about it. It's called "San Francisco" and it's close to being done. It was a year ago and I'll probably never see him again. BUT it did teach me to not be afraid to take chances. It can't hurt to just say hi to someone and take that risk. Otherwise, you might not ever get the chance and it hurts more when you wish you had just taken the chance. Easier said than done, but definitely worth it to try. So, my San Francisco mystery French man...if you ever read this...call me. :)

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